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 Birth, Death and Everything Between

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BDEB (for short) is now published by Cool Tech Writing & Design and is available at Amazon.

In Birth, Death, and Everything Between you will travel to the center of your soul and back with soft and sassy versification that ignites the senses. From the serene to the sarcastic, taste the sweetness of being loved and the bitterness of being exploited, all within the same few moments.

  • Let the enchantment happen, as you read of lovers larking on a moon and see the picture of an uncommonly large full moon of August.
  • Be reminded of how we all started out in this world; we brought gifts of joy and innocence as new little persons and see the picture of the preciously beautiful 3-day old infant named Aliyah.
  • Get a feel for what it’s like to be an artist who is so in touch with his craft that he knows how to make a steel guitar from scratch using an old wooden ironing board and metal pie plate – his legacy is in his grave marker.
  • Prepare to be knocked around by the ogreish nature of vain and jealous people who live with a distorted view of their own importance and then learn how to show them some attitude with just a look.

BDEB is a truly inspired and inspiring collection of poetry and prose that will either totally consume you or leave you teetering on the edge of every emotion ever felt by anyone. Since many are written from such depths of both joy and sorrow you may recognize some of them and others may be unfathomable in your own life.

It’s only through empathy that the road in to another’s emotional subtleties and extremes is revealed when writing on behalf of others and it’s a tough way to walk in someone else’s emotional shoes, but the rewards are such that these folks were helped in coming to terms with what was going on inside of them.

Of course there is more to entertain you with pieces that are simply reflections and reactions that happen to those most passionate of souls when observing and experiencing life. Some of those are like gentle showers that bathe you in the sweetness of love, while some are like being struck by the proverbial lighting, and others will charm you into smiling out loud for a long time after.

There are a lot more ways to live vicariously through these 46 poems of real life observations and experiences that are sectioned into 15 categories and lavishly illustrated with 28 photos, so be ready to liberate your senses in this most entertaining fashion.

What Poetry Reviewers Say About BDEB’s Poems

Embracing This

  • The descriptions throughout are excellent and really visual!

A Love Is Shared

  • Good word usage, visuals and great imagery. Really good meter. The flow is smooth and melodic.

Time To Recall

  • I enjoyed the closing portion how the mystic and magic within can be found on the tip of our tongue. That was actually deep.

 The Answered Prayer

  • Very, very good. I totally felt the message and meaning. The reading was perfect … I enjoyed the break in stanza two – the last line felt good.


  • Good poem. Very musical. I like its arrangement and simple language…it makes the message delivery very forceful. It is impressive.

On A Daughter’s Graduation

  • It was a pleasure to read.
  • I found the last stanza specially beautiful.

New Baby

  • This is a lovely poem about the birth of a new baby. It is sweet and the rhyme works well. The flow is easy and does not seem forced just for the sake of the rhyme. Being a mother of three I can easily relate to the words and the message.

The Wizard’s Wand

  • This is so cute, and funny. I really liked this poem. Good word usage, visuals and great imagery. A delightful read.
  • What a charming poem this is! I find it delightful in every way. The rhyme is good and the flow is liquid. It is obvious that this ‘wizard baby’ is deeply loved. I smiled at the ending and think it so fitting for this poem.

A Gaelic Lord

  • Very touching. I like the way it sounds and I think it has a good meaning to it. It really tugged at my heart. Arigatou!
  • A wonderful “tribute” type piece. Well described and filled with emotion.

A Lesson Learned

  • This is a good poem to have in your diary for the days when you could take life too seriously.
  • Very good! I liked this poem. It rhymed, it flowed, and it had meaning.
  • Very good visuals. 5stars!!!

A Woman’s Bod

  • AMEN and AMEN! Great work, here. Love the message. We need more people like you to spread it around!
  • Well written humorous piece that made me laugh out loud. A feat only accomplished by talented writers, many of us poets tend to write very profound poems and often forget how much we can make people laugh as well as cry. Well done..I loved it!
  • Being a man I can see what you are talking about, and agree with you one hundred percent. It’s not just beauty on the outside, but within. True love is not just physical; it surpasses both physical and mental. Pity to those who are blinded by lust.

To My Grandma

  • What a lovely free verse! I like it for the flow, true imageries, strong emotion, the love of grandma more than friends, a real tribute is an incessant joy in living, a pleasant read.

Our Own Moon

  • A nice poem touches, appeals and embraces every heart, love can do the infinite, a well said. It has some imageries have strong visionary power. It is simple, naturally flown, a nice read.
  • This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all day! WOW! Love inspires beautiful things, wonderful words and enchanting moments. I’m still smiling!

Calling Back The Woman

  • WOW!! If this doesn’t have the women sitting at your feet, well, they just haven’t seen it yet. You rock! So where do I find the book? If you haven’t written it yet, then, you need to. The rest of the men in this world need to find the value of a woman such as yours. I am forever grateful and uplifted to read these words. You have no idea the timing this has.

The Artful Logger

  • I hope Dad is smiling down on you about now, because this is one wonderful eulogy. I like the vivid imagery to be found in every line of this work and the easy, conversational manner in which the story is told. You leave the reader with a sense of having missed something in not being able to meet Ken. Few people every really learn where to find the real gold.
    Very good visualization and a wonderful use of words.
  • Love your style and simple, subtle, yet very profound write. It communicated to me on many levels.

Sample: The Artful Logger

Table of Contents

Ardent Life

  • Buskerville
  • Life My Own

 Birthday Jubilation

  • 1st Birthday
  • A Brighter Light
  • The Wizard’s Wand
  • 90th Birthday Girl

 Challenging Situation

  • A Lesson Learned
  • To Keep The Face
  • Shut The Mutt Up

 Courtship Revelation

  • The Checklist
  • Portrait of a Proposal
  • Questionable Proposal

 Deathbed Legacy

  • The Gaelic Lord
  • A Love Is Shared
  • The Nature of a Lady
  • Last Words to Auntie

 Hearts Immemorial

  • The Artful Logger
  • Grave Marker Legacy
  • The Chatty Auntie
  • The Watchdog Neighbour
  • A Young Man’s Light

Innersole Solace

  • The Answered Prayer
  • The Friend Love Brings
  • Time To Recall

 Joyful Impression

  • The Jasmine
  • The Seasons

Loving Reflection

  • Pretty Pictures
  • Remember Love

 Matchless Celebration

  • A Daughter’s Graduation
  • Millennium Eve

 Newborn Expression

  • New Baby
  • New Baby Girl

 Real Romance

  • Embracing This
  • Our Own Moon
  • In Love

 Savvy Sisterhood

  • A Woman’s Bod
  • Calling Back The Woman

 Soulful Occasion

  • Christmas Smiles
  • Christmas Across Miles
  • Easter Flowers
  • Easter Tea
  • Mother’s Day Hug
  • Mother’s Day Smile

 Timeless Inspiration

  • A Young Man Knows
  • A Young Man’s Creed
  • The Wishing Well

 Meet the People of BDEB

  • Discover the who, why and when that inspired these poems and cards.

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