Diane Babcock

Creative Writing

I started the inspirational writing style in 1991, which has now been compiled into my book, ‘Charges – answers from the universe‘. In order to reflect the diversity of the passions in this book, one would have to quote such passages as:

  • Feel strong in your heart
  • Find the courage within
  • Receive enjoyment, receive joy
  • Know the meaning of assurance
  • Give yourself your life back
  • To imagine when you can’t
  • Forgive to save yourself
  • Change what feelings you will
  • And more…to light the inspiration in your heart and soul.

The bottom line message in these poems is finding the “gentle strength within” that enables us to control our own lives without interference by demands, intimidation or manipulation from others while allowing ourselves to grow graciously.

In 1993 my writing style developed into an eclectic composition of my life events, as well as others; it reveals a cornucopia of emotion and imagination.

A Rich Romance

There’s a lot to be said for being in love…now it’s my turn to talk about this most luxurious adventure.

A North American Travel Adventure

Follow the adventures of two daring guys (one local & one foreigner) who drove a 1984 Bronco fromNanaimo,BCCanadatoSan Jose,Costa Rica,Central Americain Nov 1995. Over 4,000 miles in two weeks of trekking through beautiful, yet sometimes dangerous country.

Read about how some famous jars of canned salmon helped speed up the red tape. Picture how war can maim a country , and how beautiful the country can be again after war. Consider this a travel guide…and then wonder if you would like to make a trip like that…me, I’m still thinking about it.

Birth, Death and Everything Between

A wonderful collection of prose and poetry that will inspire and console the heart that seeks expression; from the birth of a first baby to the death of a loved one and all that happens in between.

This collection includes special greeting cards for special people to celebrate opulent moments in our lives. There are cards for: Grandma’s Birthday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas; First Baby Girl; Thanking Friends; Brave Young Men; 90th Birthday.

HMCS Cape Breton

An illustrated story and walk through from bow to stern during her preparation for a new life under the water. Oct 21/01 she became the world’s largest man-prepared artificial reef in Nanaimo,BC,Canada.

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