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Diane Babcock

A creative collaboration of true life in as an eclectic mix of poetry, prose and storytelling. My way of recording history from adventure to romance.

  1. A Rich Romance
  2. A North American Travel Adventure
  3. Birth, Death and Everything Between
  4. HMCS Cape Breton –  A Victory ship during preparation to become an artificial reef
  5. Writing Lesson

All in the Family

Hunter, Mary (Apr,1854 – Apr,1902)

My great-grandmother.

In her three poems written 125 years ago, you’ll see a sensitive woman observing the life of a child, a teen-ager leaving home, and a foremost love in Jesus.

Hunter, William (Nov, 1845 – Jul, 1909)

My great-grandfather.

If you’ve never seen true love between a man and a woman, you’ll find forever sweethearts here. “They were more than man and wife, they were sweethearts all the time and though they had their little tiffs, they were the nature of lovers’ quarrels, a kiss would make all right again.”

Imagine every facet of life as a Canadian pioneer over 125 years ago in Bruce County, Ontario. William Hunter wrote about all of it in his 60+ poems that depict an era in family, religion, the monarchy, politics, lots of nature, current events, and much more.

  • Personal poems
  • Canada1874-75
  • Canada1895-96
  • Canada1897
  • Canada1898
  • Canada1899
  • Canada1900
  • Canada1901-02-05

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