Author, Artisan, Accomplished Writer


If you truly want the best, you must bring your best.

“Diane is an incredibly talented writer, and a gifted communicator with a natural ability to listen, let go, and trust in the unseen, intangible truth within.” Ken Cervera

1. What I Do As An Artisan

As a wordsmith, I interpret and conceptualize the wants, needs and desires of others in communicating with their fellow human beings, be they to express, enlighten or engage. As an intuitive and student of lifeology, I write and design images from personal expression to share concepts in an effort to broaden the minds of those searching for their own truths and the means to create a better quality of life.

2. For Whom I Create

As a humanitarian, I write to share from both my own cultured awareness and for those who endeavor to integrate solutions into society and use their offering with integrity for the betterment of all involved. As a hobbyist life coach I share my perspectives and experiences, as well as complex ideas in lay terms as they relate to the human experience.

3. A Different Kind Of Artisan

Diane Babcock – Writer & Artisan

As a lifeologist, I have studied many aspects of life to learn what makes us tick and bring to that my knowledge of how the way words are written can influence our thoughts toward positive actions. In student mode I found my own way to hone my interests over the years with non-credit university courses, certification and skills training I have pursued.

  • Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification (2020)
  • Music For Wellness (2018)
  • How Music Can Change Your Life (2018)
  • Script Writing (2017)
  • Heal Your Love & Relationship Karma (2015)
  • Int’l Human Rights Law (2014)
  • Songwriting (2014)
  • Android Apps (2014)
  • Democratic Development (2014)
  • Civil Disobedience (2013)
  • Life Coach Certification (2013)
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification (2013)
  • NLP Practitioner Certification (2012)
  • Independent Employment Program (2006)
  • Scuba Diving (1999)
  • Basic Security Training (1999)
  • Speak With Confidence (1994)
  • Self/Spiritual Awareness Program (1992)
  • Auxiliary Police Constable, including firearms (1991)
  • Fashion Modeling (1990)
  • DOS Basic & Advanced (1989)
  • Basic Pilot Training (1987)
  • Basic Automotive Mechanics (1975)

4. Why My Difference Matters To My Audience

As a philanthropist at heart, I love to share knowledge and products and often do from my own experience that contribute to a high quality of life for my fellow citizens so that the world can be a healthier place to live. I also love to play in the limitless world of graphic design where I have a way of seeing art in linoleum patterns and wood grains, as well as nature.

Partial Portfolio

Due to my expansive interests and educational needs and desires over the years, my works are spread out over five websites that are specific to business, democracy, personal, lifeology and art, so some of the links below will be associated with those sites, as well as this one.

Cool Tech Writing & Design | Democracy Calling | Life Might | Nexart

Published Books of Poetry

Letters to the Editor 2010-2016

A better society starts with family dynamic   |   City needn’t be so prudish   |   We need to stand up to bullies   |   Tar sands, Ebola share similarities   |   Pipeline propaganda abuses airwaves   |   Oil companies running Canada   |   Policies making people sick   |   Canadians must demand democracy   |   We must stand up to government over HST   |   Patients wait in pain for medical solution   |   Premier overstayed welcome

Book & Film Reviews

With some events I write elaborate reports and reviews as a way of reinforcing my connection to the expressions of life that others have brought to the world stage along the lines of Futurism, Global Awareness and Human Resourcefulness.

Concepts Created For A Purpose

  • A North American Travel Adventure
    • I created this travel journal for a publicly trading gold & diamond company as a special blog to peak shareholder interest.
  • Linoleum Art Lesson
    • I created this short art lesson as way to help people open up to their creative side with an old piece of linoleum.
  • Sale Tales
    • I created the ‘Sale Tale’ specifically for the estate liquidation service and here are 20 examples.

Information Articles & Pages

  • Meditation
    • This page explains some of the health benefits of meditation and offers simple techniques on how to do it in very easy steps.
  • Pre-Sinking a Victory Ship
    • This page describes the experience along with some imagination on the tour of a war-time vessel before it became an underwater reef.
  • Theatre Burlesque in Body Appreciation
    • This article was created to show the benefits of attending the spoof form of striptease AKA burlesque as therapy in body appreciation.

Warranty & Technical Writing Background

As a warranty administrator in the service department I learned to glean pertinent information from a work order and mechanic notes and put them into the simple formula of Complaint-Cause-Cure, which forms the base of a style I often use today in my writing.

As an extreme editor in publishing for the specific size and dimensions of the infoflip® print format in creating reference materials, I was tasked with heavily condensing volumes of information and images into a pocket-size reader-friendly field guide for a multitude of industries. It should be noted that the company created hundreds of infoflips that were projects assigned to individuals and these are a few examples of the scope of the projects that were assigned to me.

Articulated Rock Truck   |   Bell 212 Emergency Checklist   |   Boating Safety – US Coast Guard   |   Bookbinding Adhesives   |   Confined Space Entry   |   Emergency Preparedness Response – Logging   |   Equipment Rental   |   Fatigue Management   |   Forest Soil Conservation & Rehabilitation   |   Heavy Equipment Competency Based Training   |   Hydro-electric Engineering   |   Nuclear/Energy Laboratory   |   Oil & Gas Drilling   |   Overhead Transit – Skytrain   |   Port Authority   |   Project Management Practice   |   Rock Scaling – Road Construction   |   Safe Work Practices for Custodians   |   Safety Guidelines & Management