Personal Poems

1. The Lord’s Prayer | 2. The sermon | 3. Mother’s grave
4. For June 27, 1886 to Mary | 5. To Mary


OUR lips now frame that tender name
FATHER, we’re needy all the same
WHICH in Thy daily care we see
ART wondrous in Thy love to me
IN giving tokens of Thy grace
HEAVEN smiling on the human race
HALLOWED, in Heaven and in Earth
BE all our songs as at His birth
THY choir, the Sons of God below
NAME: at the sound all knees must bow
THY tender mercies new each day
KINGDOM and power to thee we say
COME Thou, and lead us all the way.
THY goodness new each day we rise
WILL lead our thoughts up to the skies
BE pleased to fill our hearts with Thee
DONE with those things of vanity
ON faith’s strong wings aloft we’ll soar
EARTH now shall have our best no more
AS Heaven’s the home of joy and peace
IT may be ours when life shall cease
IS only just across death’s stream
IN life or death of it we dream
HEAVEN showers on earth some of it’s beams
GIVE freely of those things that do
US, all our days sustain us too
EACH one beneath Thy special care
DAY by day those bounties share
OUR Father hath the reavens fed
DAILY by faith we look for Bread
AND ask that Thou wilt us
FORGIVE our daily sins while still we live
US with Thy grace then richly bless
OUR wants don’t make Thy bounties less
DEBTS that we never can repay
AS we are sinning day by day
WE look to thee for special grace
FORGIVE where’er Thy eye can trace
OUR failure, though we oft have striven
DEBTORS they were but now forgiven.
AND look to Thee as shepherds
LEAD their flocks by grassy streams to feed
US still to keep in Thine own hand
NOT letting us in danger stand
INTO that place of joy and light
TEMPTATION there has lost it’s might
BUT with Thy hand from every snare
DELIVER all, who trust Thy care
US humble for our highest good
FROM pride, O keep us, as we should
EVIL cannot rule us as it would
FOR all we have of earthly store
THINE is the hand that gives us more
IS ruling over land and sea
THE greatest monarch that can be
KINGDOM without an end at all
THE sun will fade and stars will fall
POWER that says and it is done
AND man’s salvation fully won
THE honor o’er the world was made
GLORY from all shall crown His head
FOREVER, through Eternity
AMEN, so let it be

2. THE SERMON (Matthew 5)

The people came from far and near
This out-door preacher now to hear
And filled the plain below
And jostled round and round again
That each a better view might gain
And tried to hear, but all in vain
Though gracious words did flow
Then up the mountain-side He went
The people followed all intent
A motley eager throng
The mountain top His platform there
A granite boulder was His chair
So all could hear if they did care
None thought the sermon long…
His mouth was opened, and He spake;
Blessed are they whose spirit take
A lowly contrite place
Nor do they think their lot is hard
Nor earthy honors doth regard
A kingdom sure, is their reward
Sealed by eternal grace…
Blessed are they who mourn o’er sin
Who feel how poor they are within
Whose best deeds are but rags
A comfort satan can’t destroy
Nor is it mixed with earth’s alloy
A promise true that still brings joy
Whose working never flags…
The blessed meek shall happy be
A sweet contented life has he
Life’s blessings to enjoy
The earth is given himn for his good
To use it only as he should
And do to others as he would
The golden rule employ…
Blessed are they who hunger still
To know and do Their Master’s will
Whatever that may be
Not by the works which they have done
Have they that wondrous goodness won
The righteousness of God’s dear son
Imputed full and free
Blessed are they of tender heart
Who tries to bear another’s smart
And wipe the falling tears
For unto them shall mercy be
Extended both on land and sea
And saved from dire calamity
Joy comes instead of fears…
Blessed are they whose heart is pure
Who will no evil thought endure
Nor give it lodging place
No higher place can e’er be given
Among God’s saints in earth or heaven
The clouds around the The Throne is riven
That they may see His face…
Blessed are they who live in peace
And try to make all discord cease
No storms rage in their breasts
God’s family, is name they bear
He keeps them free from every care
And of His endless store they share
Like birdies in their nests…
Blessed are they who suffer wrong
And bear the marks of those who are strong
Nor will Their Lord deny
They do not seek a smoother way
The promise sure they have each day
A glorious kingdom for their pay
Without a tear or sigh…
Blessed are ye when men revile
And call you evil all the while
And do you much of ill
If evil words are said of you
Don’t try to do as other’s do
But for His sake be always true
And do His holy will…
Rejoice! And be exceeding glad
For great and sure is your reward
None ever served for naught
The Prophets who have gone before
These very trials oft have bore
Christ knows how very, very sore
And deep the bitter draught


O sacred is the dust that lies
Beneath this grassy mound
To strangers it will just appear
A little heap of ground
To me a mother dear; and I the child she bore
Memory brings up her form
As in the days of yore
The youngest of her little group of stirring boys
I thought not of her cares? (It was my boyish joys
That filled my heart), nor thought to give her rest
Oft scolded, shook, then kissed
And fondled on her breast
Now I am hastening down the hill of human life
Sharing its hopes and fears
Its pleasures and its strife
But while life lasts, her form I’ll ever see
While I, her little boy
Is dandled on her knee

4. FOR JUNE 27, 1886 TO MARY

It’s just ten years ago to-day
Since you and I were wed
And I can never cease to pray
For blessings on your head
You have made my pathway brighter
The upward hill to go
You have made life’s cares feel lighter
Since now ten years ago
We have had our pains my Mary
We have had our gain and loss
We have still had grace to carry
Our burdens or our cross
And still we’ll join our hearts and hands
For weal or else for woe
Together walk; together stand
Just as ten years ago


With her own flowers
This humble offering which I send
May not unworthy be
If it reminds thee of a friend
Who oft remembers thee
I know their splendor all will fade
As moments glide away
But what of that, they were but made
To blossom and decay

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