The Harper Diet

harper on lays chipsThe Harper Diet Principle

His photo on the fridge and you’re so fed up you can’t stomach anything more.

This diet works because of its neuro-linguistic aspect of generating new behaviour. With the Harper Diet you won’t need to:

  • Endure exercise of any kind or
  • eat yucky pre-made meals or
  • suck on fat loss supplements or
  • lament about liposuction.

In fact, the only thing required from you is to tape any photo of Stephen Harper in one or more effective places between you and your craving.

Note: It’s important to place the photo INSIDE of your fridge, cupboard or sun visor, preferably on the back side of the packaging of desired indulgence, so you are not averse to all the other good food around it.

And, if you don’t have a photo of Stephen Harper, you’re in luck. I just happen to have some right here.

stephen-harper-11 Stephen Harper

Eventually, you won’t need photos at all, as just the thought of him alone will be enough to make you want to eat less.

Warning: Do not place photo(s) of Stephen Harper in plan view around your environment, ie. on the OUTSIDE of cupboards, fridges, dashboards, etc., as this may over-stimulate your stomach nerves and cause unwanted gastrointestinal upsets.

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